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Live the experience: Join our Spring & Summer Camps – For all international students aged 8-18

In collaboration with UCLan Cyprus and Cosmopolis Multi Venue in Larnaka


If you only had one dream for your children what would it be?

Would you like them to be leaders or followers in their lives?

Parents: You have been sailing the parenting world for quite a few years now and you’ve done a great job. You want the best for your children and you prove it every single day with your rituals, your effort, your best examples. You want the new generation to be better than yours and your job is really hard, every single moment of each day.

If you wish your children to become history-makers and not mediocre workers, then this is something you should pay attention to. We are offering a very creative way to inspire and motivate your children, This is the best way to lift their energy, their performance, their lifestyle and obviously their impact on the world. What is it?



A program, suitable for all ages, that will develop and explore cultural knowledge and fun interactive activities with children from around the world:

How is the program designed?

The spring/summer camp programs are tailored according to the individual’s needs. Each student can choose from Language, Academic, Leadership Development, Cultural, Recreational and Family Team Experiences.

We believe that each individual has the potential and unique talent to be something truly remarkable. We nurture our youths to find out the powers and strengths of each person and circle, we provide recognition awards, review of achievements and personalised certificates!

“Education is the most powerful weapon you
can use to change the world” –
Nelson Mandela

Why us?

  • Because we provide exclusively designed programs, highly motivating and interactive functional courses, which aim to develop young leaders from all around the world! We aim to broaden their abilities to build outstanding communication skills as well as trust and respect towards natives from other countries, races, beliefs and cultures.

  • Because we care about the new generation and we believe that they can change the world by developing a unique understanding of their needs, building a relationship and truly becoming trusted mentors who will guide them through their own unique journey.

  • Because we believe that big changes start with one small step at a time. Everything can be achieved through gradual steps: overcoming fears, fulfilling dreams, anything you wish to be different from the way it is.

  • Because it’s time to change our perceptions, create new perspectives and cultivate greater future for our children and young adults.

  • Over 20 years experience in youth camps and educational development

  • We were the first to establish and organise a summer school experience in Cyprus!

  • Experienced Leaders and Instructors – all qualified to work with kids under 18

  • Excellent location built exclusively for fun creative programs and amazing weather conditions!

Join us.


****To learn more about our tailor made program please contact us. We have places available but they are filling up quickly, so enquire today to find out more!

****Please note that family packages are also available upon request. Families may be accommodated at the same location while the children participate in the programs.


By Athina Gantiraga

MA in Media & Communications

University of London